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Bio & Misc. Info


            the Electrylicious


An independent, singer/songwriter based in the U.S., composing Alternative rock songs.

            the Music

The thought behind every work is to write melodies and produce them in a way that is original and distinctive. The intention is to pique your interest and maybe have you listen one more time...or a bit more, in the hope that it'll trigger something inside you that will evoke a thought or feeling. 

All material is written and arranged around acoustic and electric guitars, mainly. The songs are arranged in the decades-old, tried-and-true formula of verses, choruses, and solos. Bass guitar, Guitars, keyboards (and all their glorious sounds), tambourine, maracas, and anything else that can produce a sound or provide a rhythm are used. Sampled instruments are also used for texture and rhythms.


The main melodies are written with simplicity in mind and with a certain naivete. The arrangements follow the same concept: simplicity and transparency, and can for sure stand on their own. Musically, there really is nothing to prove, but there is always something to say.


Influences are all the usual suspects from rock's extensive catalog, with British bands been the predominant source. I find there is a natural fluency in most of their melodies. Even the not so 'successful' bands have so much musical depth.

The latest available release is the single "Dope", and is part of the EP Dope.

            the Recordings

Produced and mixed in a garage recording studio, acoustically treated with beautiful 6” denim custom panels. All instruments and sounds go into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with lots of processing power and software where they are mixed and processed. Tracks are mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

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